Have all the answers? What about the questions?

Running a business is kind of like riding a bike.

You have to learn to balance, how to steer, where the brakes are and how to pivot when the unexpected happens.

The key to moving forward is knowing where the destination is, having enough fuel for the journey and knowing who’s coming along for the ride. 

To help you pick up speed, we’ve put together a mini-discovery questionnaire, a process Beans uses to delve into and understand a business. It all starts by asking the right questions. Do you have the answers?


Stand up. 

I'm guessing you didn’t. 

What if I told you that standing up for one minute every 20 minutes increases your circulation, energy, motivation and concentration. 

If I asked you to stand up now, you still might not do what I want but you’re probably more inclined than the first time. Whether employer, employee or customer, when people understand why they should care, listen or be involved with what you’re doing they're far more likely to jump on board. 

With a clear and distinct understanding of what, why and how you operate, you can stand, walk and run with confidence in where you’re going and the future you’re leading people towards. 

This leads us to our first question.



It looks like a hammer, it works like a hammer, it's even labelled ‘hammer’ but the benefit is all about the nail. 

When people buy something, they rarely want the thing itself - they want what it can do. Hammers included.

Parents want an adventure with their kids in a newly built cubby house, a DIYer wants a space to feel inspired, a tradie wants to impress the boss. 

The object is essential to the outcome, but that’s not why the customer makes the purchase. This leads us to our second question.  

Q2. What are you selling?


“You had me at ‘hello” 

"You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off”

“If your friend wants chippies, she has to pay for chippies!”

“As if”

“We rob banks”

Some of these quotes might make you laugh, smile or reminisce, others might just look like words on a page. The ones that mean more to you most likely depend on your age, interests, lifestyle and life stage. If you’re the parent of a two year old, Bluey will be a hot topic to discuss. If not, we’ve probably lost your attention, with all our nonsensical gibberish. The same goes for your customers. If you know who you’re speaking to, you can have a meaningful conversation. If not, you’re just making a whole lot of noise. 

Q3. What does your ideal customer look like?


 Fight Guerrillas with Guerrilla Marketing

Assembling the military to drop flyers into the middle of a river, stringing up lights along 75-foot trees and choppering in personalised letters into the middle of a jungle doesn’t sound like a wise spend of marketing budget… Unless that’s exactly where your target audience happens to be. 

In 2010, the Columbian military did just that as part of a campaign called ‘Operation Bethlehem’ to encourage FARC fighters to put down their weapons and come home for Christmas. 

Over 10,000 lights were strung up in trees along the guerrilla tracks, acting as beacons for fighters to follow home. Floating lights were placed in the river and enclosed with gifts from the community, asking people to lay down their weapons. Family members sent in childhood photos of their relatives, with the simple message “before you were a guerrilla fighter, you were my child”.

As a result of an 8-year effort, over 18,000 fighters put down their weapons and went home. When you get the right message to the right people, magic happens. This leads us to our last question:

Q4. How do you communicate with your customers?

You have the questions, now it’s time for some answers. 

Maybe you’re confident in your responses or maybe all this marketing talk has you a little muddled. Either way, send in your responses and we’ll provide come back to you with what we like to call a Window Of Opportunity - four suggestions that could change the way you think about your marketing.

Thank you! We'll be in touch with your Window Of Opportunity soon!
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