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Illawarra based business rich with history, H. Parsons Funeral Directors enlisted the help of Beans to bring the four Parsons Pillars to life. One all-encompassing headline and some locally-sourced imagery later, a cohesive campaign was created.



H. Parsons, a local, family owned and operated Australian funeral director connected with Beans to work on a creative project in early January of 2022. The brief; strengthen the brand and demonstrate community engagement by focusing on the four Parsons Pillars:
• Environmental Responsibility
• Social Responsibility
• Local Community
• Local Business

Beans’ objective was to help H. Parsons spread their community engagement message through internal teams across various facilities in different locations. As this messaging would be spread universally across multiple H. Parsons buildings, we knew it had to be consistent, applicable, and relatable no matter where a team member was reading from.

We did this through the creation of collateral in the form of numerous posters and a centralised brochure. Along the journey in creating this message and the visuals to accompany, Beans ended up providing a refreshed and modernised brand using existing brand colours and imagery. H. Parsons would utilise this brand evolution for various advertising opportunities.


The first step in this process was to establish an overarching theme or idea. Initially, we took the approach of segmenting the various H. Parsons pillars and writing headlines for each. There were a lot, after all, abundance is key at Beans!

We then worked to tie them all together with a cohesive one-liner which would apply to everyone from team members to general public and various stakeholders alike.

We’re All Part of Parsons.

There it was, the magic headline which would go on to set the tone for the entire campaign.

But why did this work so well?

Firstly, it utilises the literary technique of alliteration. The 'Part of Parsons' is memorable, catchy, and rolls off the tongue. Beyond this, it has a deeper meaning attached. It unifies not only the H. Parsons team, it brings together every person and business in our local community. We're All Part of Parsons.


In building the Parsons posters, we had to be mindful of our target being internal team members while knowing members from the public could also potentially see them. This posed a tricky balance of direct, internal messaging which still applied and was visually appealing to the everyday eye.

As a poster was formed for each of the Parsons four pillars, a powerful phrase summarising H. Parsons' role with the corresponding pillar accompanied by beautiful imagery representing its broader scope. The headline ‘Our Part’ shifts focus to what H. Parsons does to contribute to the betterment of the community, and reminds employees their role and what they do on a daily basis is important. It was also a compelling platform to use across a broad range of topics and media channels.

H. Parsons


Similar copy, similar imagery, the same message. The H. Parsons brochure encapsulates a unified theme from all posters to a central piece of collateral.

Utilising the brochure, Beans assisted H. Parsons express their involvement in the local Illawarra community and how it relates to each pillar. Application of Parsons' brand colours in conjunction with imagery from the local business and natural landscapes brought it all together for one bright and brilliant brochure.


After huge success with the Parsons posters and brochure pieces, H. Parsons wanted to take the campaign above the line.

Detailing Parsons’ efforts for the improvement and sustainability of local community, four advertisements were created for the Illawarra Mercury to spread more awareness of H. Parsons well-intended initiatives. Beans devised a media plan and strategy for H. Parsons' to get the most out of their advertising. Each of the Pillars advertisements would run in the Mercury for three weeks. This was designed to give the audience enough exposure, increasing its chance of 'sticking' in the minds of consumers.

H. Parsons wanted to then take the campaign even further and showcase We're All Part of Parsons' on the silver screen.


Following the launch of the ‘We’re All Part of Parsons’ campaign, H. Parsons wanted to create a sub-brand to host events centred around making the conversation about death comfortable and inviting. Demystifying Death was the name, and we birthed the branding.

Working with the existing styleguide, we utilised elements of H. Parsons to ensure the new logo was consistent with H. Parsons' brand by keeping the dove imagery.


Through an impactful message and fresh imagery, Beans was able to modernise an established brand while keeping in touch with their rich history. The 'We're All Part of Parsons' campaign has proven to strongly resonate with the H. Parsons team and Illawarra community. We look forward to seeing H. Parsons continue to use this message as a platform for many more marketing opportunities in the future.

H. Parsons


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