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A new edge for a new brand. Introducing Lander Metals, a new brand and business based in the Illawarra who are transforming spaces with their premium, steel products.



Lander Metals is the perfect blend of an architectural design mindset and sheet metal genius. Residing on the East Coast of Australia, Lander Metals specialise in creating custom sheet metal fabrication products, as well as offering a range of standard built garden items.

So how exactly did Lander come to be? Let us take you on this journey! 


Experts in sheet metal fabrication, Lander was created after the founders approached Beans with the desire to utilise their skill sets to offer custom sheet metal fabrication products. Identifying a market need for high-quality sheet metal garden products was the entry point needed to get Lander off the ground. 


The name

Sometimes, simple is best. The business name ‘Lander’ was formed by combining the two founders’ first names.

The logo

What better way to offset a simple business name than with an impossible logo design? 

The Lander logo was heavily inspired by the Penrose Stairs optical illusion. Artist M.C. Escher first created ‘Ascending and Descending’ which was later developed into the shape we know today as the Penrose Steps. Created by Swedish graphic artist Oscar Reutersvärd and his son Sir Roger Penrose, this shape was labelled as an ‘impossible shape’ as it gives the illusion of the stairs endlessly ascending in one direction and descending in another, simultaneously. Despite this image portraying its possibility, we know it is not feasible - hence why it is known as ‘impossible’. 

Taking a closer look at the Lander logo, you will begin to notice the similarity in the way both the grey and orange look to be on top yet also beneath the other. 

The colours

In selecting colours to represent the brand of Lander, we opted to utilise those which represented the materials used to form the products Lander creates. The gunmetal grey stems from the galvanised steel finish, while the burnt orange is derived from the ever-popular rustic corten steel finish. 

Lander Metals

The pattern

As with the brands we build, a pattern was created to tie the various elements of the logo and colours together. By angling an outline only form of the logo and simply repeating this image, the pattern was established. 


The website

In launching Lander, Beans developed the website to keep customers connected and offer a platform for information on the standard and custom sheet metal solutions Lander is capable of producing. 

As time has flown by and Lander has grown, we have integrated an e-commerce feature into the website. Whether they need garden edging, planter rings, or planter boxes, this offers a seamless channel for DIY masterminds and landscaping professionals alike to easily purchase their garden product online in the click of a few buttons.

The Google Ads

To hit the ground running we thought it would be beneficial to put Google Ad spend behind the launch of Lander to quickly establish a presence within the market. Proving its worth, Google Ads have driven a significant amount of website traffic and led to numerous project enquiries and new customers.

The collateral 

Beans created a brochure that gives insight into the various specifications of the standard garden products Lander offers. This was made downloadable through the website to give prospective customers information on the products prior to them placing an order. This brochure has evolved into a product guide for Garden Centres, Landscapers and Builders, who can reference this guide to their own customers looking for landscaping or custom built products for their residential or commercial projects.

The communications channels

To keep Lander’s audience informed of existing and upcoming product offerings, Beans established both email and social media communication channels. Here, Lander goes into depth on the various standard garden products offered on their website in addition to their ability to build custom products as seen by their creation of the windowsills at the 1 Norman project.

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The sales channels

With the integration of the online store, Beans thought it important to utilise third party sales channels to further promote Lander’s standard garden products. We established Lander on Gumtree and within 24 hours received product enquiries.


Cactus talk

In search of a favourable location to undergo a professional product shoot for Lander’s garden edging, planter rings, and planter boxes, Beans connected with Cactus Talk. 
Cactus Talk offers an eclectic range of cacti for sale and we thought it beneficial for all parties to arrange a photoshoot highlighting both Lander’s garden products and Cactus Talk’s cacti. 

Werri Beach

In working with this spectacular property, Lander was tasked with designing custom garden beds and retainer walls to divide space. 

1 Norman

In designing this property, Michael Jenkins was tasked with creating a beautiful aesthetic while being incredibly considerate of the flame zone bushfire region the property was immersed within.

To do so, he collaborated with Lander to create and implement garden edging, garden beds, and custom windowsills to complement the European brickwork. 

As one of our most recent projects, we continue to work with Lander and witness day by day the incredible growth the business is experiencing. 

To check out Lander’s products head to the website.

Lander Metals


Lander Metals

Lander Metals

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