Mogo Custom Wheelchairs

Designed for style and built for practicality, Mogo creates wheelchairs that give people the confidence to move. Beans was engaged to bring the Mogo story to life through a compelling campaign inspired by a rejuvenated brand and revamped messaging.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs
Mogo Custom Wheelchairs


Since 1980, Mogo have been making wheelchairs that are as unique as their owners. Every inch is designed with the user in mind, from the fabric to the frame, to give people the confidence, freedom and flexibility to go wherever they want.

Whether basketball enthusiast or wilderness adventurer, Mogo has honed their craft in creating completely customised solutions that are as much about how you move as they are about getting you to a destination.

This is the story Beans was tasked with telling through a complete brand refresh, updated messaging and comprehensive campaign.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs


To make the logo as modern and innovative as the brand, while speaking to the history and legacy of the business, Beans leveraged the circular shape of the original logo in the updated design. By merging the old with the new, the brand now simultaneously speaks to the rich history of the company and its vision for a more accessible and autonomous future.

Aligned with this strategy, design updates included adding two complementary, smaller circles to the logo which individually represent wheels. The placement of the circles when viewed together create the subtle silhouette of a wheelchair. In addition to the shape, the brighter colours running throughout the circles give a nod to the customisation and individuality Mogo advocates for.

By pairing these visuals with a geometric, sans serif font, Mogo has created a welcoming design that invites individuality and personal expression to every conversation.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs


In celebration of 40 years of Mogo, Beans created a specialised campaign that heroes the history, innovation and heart of what Leon and Megan are creating.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs

Not unlike the devoted members of a motorcycle club, we wanted to create a story that captures an unwavering devotion to a brand, longevity of the product and evokes a strong sense of community and connection.  

To achieve this, we created a series of custom emblems complete with slogans that detail Mogo’s commitment to its customers and community - “When you go with Mogo, you go for life”

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs

To bring the emblems and story to life, we put the design across a range of merchandise, from hats to hoodies.

In celebration of Mogo’s 40 year anniversary and to launch the campaign, Beans coordinated a social media giveaway. To enter, community members sent in their favourite moment with their Mogo wheelchair, aptly named #MogoMoments, to win the fresh merchandise.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs


To celebrate the character, personality and life that Mogo brings to children’s chairs especially, Beans brought the Mogo brand to life, complete with bold colours, custom emblems and a unique message.

Taking this new brand to the annual exhibition, Source Kids, our team created a series of banners to engage with their young audience and their parents.

Using bright colours, new emblems and strong messaging, we spread this message across a range of collateral, from a slideshow to banners. The result - a winning exhibit!

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs

To capture the character, craft and soul of the Mogo process, we carried out a product photoshoot featuring The Jac, Joey JAC, WRL Sportschair and other custom designs. In addition, we took their customers behind the scenes to show them where the magic happens.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs


With a new logo and photography, it was time to update the website. Bright colours were adapted across the site to emulate the welcoming style you’ll find when you meet in the workshop. As one of the biggest pieces of this project, the in-built e-commerce functionality now allows users across Australia to order, enquire and start moving with their Mogo.

Mogo Custom Wheelchairs


In addition to the website, exhibit and emblems, a range of refreshed collateral was rolled out, from EDMs to business cards. In doing so, Mogo had a comprehensive and complete brand identity that would see them mobilising people for years to come.


“Ruby and Leroy are awesome to deal with. They leave a great first impression that makes you feel you have chosen the right company to help with your marketing needs. We have been super happy with all the teams work in all mediums” - Leon Callahan, Owner of Mogo Wheelchairs.