Stochastic self-similarity

January 23, 2023
Posted by
Leroy Soeterboek

One very important part of building a brand is a sense of consistent repetition.

Repeating those tasks which are productive and repeating the way we do important things across our business. This concept can be observed in many activities both in nature and in corporations. The value of having repeatable tasks allows us to educate others to do the things the way we want them to be done.

It also allows us to stand back from our business and test the DNA at the very core of these activities. There are ways to keep check on the processes inside your business: content planners, models for growth and internal memes that remind everyone of the purpose that drives every action.

“There is a third concept, also from the world of mathematics: stochastic self-similarity. Stochastic simply means random or chance; self-similarity describes the phenomenon—found in everything from stock market fluctuations to seismic activity to rainfall—of patterns that look the same when viewed at different degrees of magnification. If you break off a branch of a tree and hold that branch upright, for example, it looks a lot like a little tree. A stretch of coastline has that craggy coastline shape whether it is glimpsed from a hang glider or from outer space. Look at a tiny section of a snowflake under a microscope, and it occurs all the time in nature—in cloud formations, in the human circulatory system, in mountain ranges, in the way fern fronds are shaped.” – Ed Catmull Creativity Inc

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