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January 23, 2023
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Ultra low-rise jeans, jeggings, toe shoes…We can probably all agree that some fads are best left in the past.

And the same goes for graphic design. There are some trends we look back on with horror and slight embarrassment about what the world was thinking. Others, however, continue to stand the test of time and delight us with their tasteful nods to the decades gone by.  

As well as welcoming a myriad of new styles and designs this year, a few seem to be following us from 2021 and we’re not mad about it! These are some of our favourite design trends we hope to continue seeing in 2022.


Making their debut in the 90s, gradients have come back in a big way, adding colour and depth as artists transition away from flat design. From backgrounds to text to subtle placements on websites, this simple effect makes a big impact. With an infinite combination of colours to choose from, you have the flexibility to evoke any mood your brand needs.  

We use a variety of gradients across our own branding to add a pop of fun and colour.

Expressive Lettering

From ancient hieroglyphics and cuneiform to modern mediums like graffiti and digitised typography, the written language has and continues to be an integral part of our communication. As designers and artists from around the world experiment with different mediums, textures and techniques, they’re birthing new styles of writing. This includes expressive or experimental lettering, a form that blurs the bounds between visual and written communication to create emotive and thought-provoking works of art.

For the safety speaking company, CNB Safe, we used expressive lettering to connect the ‘c’ to the ‘b’, creating the illusion of a wheelchair which is a central aspect of their story.

Parametric Patterns

From breaking up backgrounds to creating eye-catching feature pieces, patterns are a fantastic way to add an element of fun to your brand while creating a sense of cohesion and synergy.

Popular in architecture, parametric patterns use geometric elements to create a sense of fluidity and complexity. This cleverly calculated design allows elements within a pattern to speak to each other, creating the illusion of movement and adding depth to design.

To reflect Shell Heights rolling hills and coastal location, we used a parametric pattern across Bloom’s branding. As well as giving a nod to the location, by applying the pattern across collateral, it’s become a focal point of the brand’s look and feel.

Old Is In

This trend is giving us a blast from the past, bringing back retro vibes with muted colours, stamped typography and grainy textured effects.

Unlike many other styles, this design has the unique ability to evoke a sense of familiarity and transport people to another time and place. It’s a powerful effect that allows people to relive old memories, reminisce on the best bits of the past and experience an immediate sense of comfort and nostalgia.

To create a retro feel for The Palms, we used muted colours, a funky font and circular shapes to convey the rare offering, and fun, coastal lifestyle of Stanwell Tops.

Time does a lot of great things for design, shifting and evolving it to make way for an abundance of new styles and forms that excite, delight and challenge the way we think about brands and businesses. As we move into 2022, we’re excited to see, create and experience these styles in newfound ways to bring more brands to life. Yours included! If you’re looking to spruce up your branding with one of these styles or something new, start a conversation with our team here.

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