The value of values

January 23, 2023
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We’ve all seen these company values before, popping up on company pages at local start-ups and international franchises. They’re overused and often go unexplained, adding little to the meaning of the business. Not to say they’re bad values, but they make us question whether companies are merely checking them off the to-do list or if they’re thoughtfully and purposefully chosen.

Business values should reflect the future the company wants to see, whether that be a greener one, a healthier one, a more educated one, or perhaps just a happier one. At Beans, the future we’d like to see is one with a little more magic, abundance and creativity.


We might not be pulling rabbits out of hats, but we are trying to add an element of surprise and delight to what we do. Magic is all about juggling fun, anticipation and strategic thinking to create campaigns that perform. This value keeps us on the hunt for new tricks and talent as we look to deliver something special for every customer. And by focusing on these behind-the-scenes processes, we aim to hit the stage with clever solutions that leave people questioning exactly how it all happened. And as all magicians will attest, we’ll never reveal our secrets.

Yet magic isn’t just about what you see on the surface, it’s about the hard work, repetition and practice that it takes to get a trick just right. It’s all about timing, luck and wanting to believe.


In our dream Bean team, ideas and generosity are plentiful, creativity and curiosity are overflowing, and honesty and transparency thrive. We want to create a wealth of opportunities and experiences for employees and customers to see them grow and flourish. We want to make it abundantly clear that abundance comes in many forms, and money is one small part of building bigger and more beautiful businesses.

To be abundant is also to know your limit, when enough is enough and when you need to keep going and get more out of something or someone. It’s knowing yourself, what you’re capable of and how you can give these gifts to others in a way that won’t empty the tank.


The best ideas often come to us when we’re least expecting them. They pop up when we’re on the toilet, hopping into the shower, or just after clocking off for the day. Creativity has a mind of its own, and it takes time, rest and inspiration away from the screen to fully form. Part of being creative means having a healthy work life balance, to allow imaginative and clever ideas to surface. But creativity also knows no bounds, it is the ingredient that makes ideas great, businesses boom and people feel understood when they are just staring at a painting on a wall.


These are the truths we hold as the key to having a successful business. We aim to bring them into every collaboration and partnership, while leaving room for them to grow and change. They shape how we approach work, who we collaborate with and the outcomes we expect to create. If you’d like to experience the magic yourself, get in touch with our team.

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