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January 23, 2023
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There is a common problem with connectivity when it comes to rolling out great ideas across any business organisation. For any number of reasons, the strategy to implement innovation can be blocked or misinterpreted. In some organisations it seems that expectation more often leads to disappointment.

What is the problem? Why can’t everyone appreciate innovation, embrace it, and face the future without fear? If you held a workshop for your team and explored all the reasons a “big picture project” did not work you’d have a post-it note installation to fill Carriageworks.

Whenever an organisation reacts to a market it must reassess its product offering and its service model. And always adapt its modes of working so that the team understands why the change is occurring.

IDEO is an innovation lab well known for sharing its intelligence for innovation implementation. It understands the critical importance of scaling change and communicating across an organisation to determine how change will affect, or is currently affecting an organisation.

Design thinking can be described and discussed (and drawn). It can be aspirational and it can be used as a way to describe a myriad of collaborative processes. At the basis of a well-planned approach to innovation is purpose. And the long term plan must help leaders and their teams weave that sense of purpose into everything they do. You could definitely draw that, and it would look like a pattern.

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