Monkey business: It’s not the size of your CRM that counts

January 23, 2023
Posted by
Leroy Soeterboek

Recently we had a chance to get involved with Salesforce. It was forced onto us, they made us do it, we had fun. It’s a big program, even when you whittle down all of the options and the possibilities and customise it to your organisational needs.

When we ran the Bevans group of real estate agents we spent a few million dollars on Agentbox, a powerful CRM that captured our audience from the first open house all the way to the deceased estate auction.

So, after getting into the mood for a campaign and drawing up a list of actions and responsibilities, the next step was to construct our content in Mailchimp and set up a test mail out. Download csv file, set the heading, check the link to Read More and way we go…

We have another client who just uses Mailchimp for all their marketing and client management. They really don’t have time to invest in capturing their client’s culinary preferences. They just want to send it to the plumbers one week, the roofers the week after and then the whole circus on the 3rd week. The 4th week we have a break. We choose the right platform so that our clients can get the most from their investment in marketing.

Like many crafts, the tool is only the beginning, an enabler. It’s a mixture of experience, creativity and repetition that produces the peanuts.

Shake that monkey, do what you can measure and get back to work. We can help you choose the right CRM vehicle for your business.

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