Get your head in the cloud (computer)

January 23, 2023
Posted by
Leroy Soeterboek

When the Wright brothers first flew, there were many who refused to believe it.  In fact, just two months (and eight days) earlier the New York Times suggested that it would take the combined and continuous effort of the world’s premier mathematicians and mechanicians from one to ten million years to create a flying machine.

Well, two months after that article was published on December 17, 1903, two siblings who didn't finish high school took off in a machine of their own making. 

This week, the government announced the 2022 budget which included a generous bonus tax deduction for expenses related to digitalisation, cloud computing systems and the horizon of opportunities this journey presents to businesses all over Australia. 

Following the Wright brothers’ impossible feat, it took over ten years for the first commercial flight to take to the skies. Yet air travel did not reach the mass market until the 1950s. 

This made me wonder, how many small businesses aren’t on the cloud yet? Or aren’t using an integrated tech stack to achieve greater efficiencies in their day-to-day work? 

One of the things Beans does is put your head in the clouds to show you how everything could be better connected. A world where things fly from place to place and you spend less time driving them. 

The benefits of the cloud, automation and integration are well and truly proven. Whether it’s an integration between your website and your CRM or the implementation of new manufacturing and inventory software - Beans can advise and assist at any stage to make sure the destination is much nicer than where you are now.

If you're thinking it's time to take your business to the skies then you’re in luck ‘cause tickets are on sale. There’s never been a better time to fly. 

Talk to Beans about your business goals and what you’d like to achieve and we can advise on a clever solution that will have you soaring high above the clouds.

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