More stories, less marketing

“He was feeling buoyant, flexible. He wanted to go jogging. He stood. He couldn’t go jogging. He called room service and ordered a basket of pastries…

There’s a knock on the door.”

Often, we appeal to our clients based on price, then throw in a bit of value, maybe even our values, which are important, and held close to the hearts of our team.

When really, what we are all hoping for, as consumers, is just a bit of narrative: a story we can relate to, a one-degree rise in temperature on the way to emotion. Sorry, I’m a bit upset. But the best advertising has good narrative content, always has. Have you seen the ad for Aldi ham?

So the big issue, the enormous responsibility you have, as a business with a brand, is to keep the narrative fresh and inject your story with numerous plot twists, every now and then change the main character and leave your viewers on the edge of their seats.